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If you're already using avast! Antitivirus but think your computer needs more protection, consider switching to avast! Internet Security.
avast! Internet Security is a feature-rich security suite from the same developers of avast! that includes the popular free antivirus tool, together with a firewall and antispam filter. The suite's interface is very similar to that of the antivirus, with a neat sidebar on the left with all the available options and tools, and clear, informative panes in the main area.
There's not much to say about the antivirus module included in avast! Internet Security. It's just the same engine as the original avast! Antivirus tool, including nine powerful shields to protect your file system, email, web browsing and network connections from viruses. avast! Internet Security also includes the so called Behavior shield, a special monitor that warns you if it detects any suspicious behavior on your computer.
The firewall module included in avast! Internet Security detects network connections automatically, and lets you assign different security protocols to them according to their potential risk. You can define rules to allow or block programs and also create a list with "friend" networks.
As for the spam filter, avast! Internet Security helps you create "white" and "black" lists for allowed and blocked addresses, mark spam messages with certain wording in the subject and send them automatically to a specific folder. The program also includes a web filter to block certain sites – perfect to restrict the websites your kids can visit, for example.
It may not be the most complete security suite ever, but avast! Internet Security does an excellent job protecting your system from viruses, unauthorized access and spam.




  • 30 day trial period

OS requirements for avast! Internet Security:

  • OS: WinXP/Vista/7

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